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3 simple steps to becoming a customer


1. Fill out our short registration form

One delivery for all your business needs is just a few clicks away. It only takes, at most, 2 minutes to register with us. Simply fill out the form and your registration will be on it’s way to the team so you can start to order with us..

2. You also have the choice to ask a member of our team to get in touch

This process normally takes up to 48 hours (Mon-Fri, excluding bank holidays). 

Call: 01900 819892


3. Start Ordering!

Once your account is set up you can either order with us, via email or through our Account Manager: 

Joanna Sewell

Call: 01900 819892

Ready To Become A Customer  ?


Please complete the form below to register for an account.

Minimum Order Value £1000.00 (ex VAT)


Our current Minimum Order Value has been put in place with all of our customers, after undertaking a full review of our service model and all the associated costs.

We operate today and keep in place a structure that utilises our own fleet as well as third party carriers that enables us to service the entirety of Great Britain.  


Our products are manufactured to order to maximise shelf life and freshness with a lead-time 72hrs. 


We distribute Fully chilled / Frozen to maintain high levels of quality from dispatch to delivery.


Should you have any questions or queries please contact our Account Manager Joanna Sewell on: Tel: 01900 819892 or by email to 

"The Ideal Scenario"


1. You to place your order on a Monday morning (72hr lead time)


2. We deliver a minimum order quantity of £1000 by the Thursday. (or) 


Local Deliveries - Minimum Order Value £150.00 (ex VAT)

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